Manufacturing Execution System


F-MES collects production data through direct connection to the terminal of production survey.

The data processing allows to schedule orders and machine loads, follow the production cycle advancement and handle the requests of raw materials and equipment.

Data collection and monitoring

  • F-LINK Connect and get data from machines
  • F-TERM Terminals beside machine
  • F-GROUP Control panel machine group
  • F-LOG Event maps departments/machines

Quality control process

  • F-SPC Automates all SPC processes, reducing time and costs of execution

Analysis of KPI factory

  • F-VIEW Control panel efficiency departments/machines
  • F-MAPS Monitoring control panel and efficiency control of production departments
  • F-OEE Effectiveness indicator of the structure through a sophisticated analysis system of availability, efficiency and quality

Batches/ID numbers traceability

Workflow production batches

Maintenance Management Systems

Navigable Timetable Control Panel